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I am a person who loves travelling all over the world, been to Asia..Thailand in its different cities, Malaysia in its different cities , Singapore, Vietnam and of course i love my country the most...Travels to Europe, Italy...France....Belgium....Germany...and of course The Netherlands...with all the travels i have , this is the most exciting one, I love to roam around alone and feeling so free...malling, observing the people and its different culture and traditions...amazing, very interesting indeed...I really like to mingel with people meet and chit chat a bit...but in me theres always this Domme side of me, that sometime my mind just work differently..and just do things way very unique..

I was walking along central to drink coffee , see people walking along in front of me...honestly woman cathces my eyes than man..seldom man can get my interest or make my eyes turn to him....

was enjoying every bit of my time spent that cafe shop , just along the corner i saw this very tall man..just simple but seems so innocent ..he is not that young though like late 30s....he was walking along and finally infront of me..he was looking inside the cafe and seems would like to have one..he saw me i look at him but nothing interesting with him actually...he comes in and sat just next to my table...he said cxafe latte blahblah in dutch...his voice is very loud and really deep ...was smiling because the way he talk..i couldnt understand i continue my sightseeing...then suddenly he accidentally drop his celphone maybe because of his stupidity and fell into my boots...he get into his knees and craling to gt his fucking celphone on my boots...he was kinda shy because its on my boots and really in the middle of my two legs...i am…

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Welcome to My Blog

Hi there,

Welcome to my blog! Keep reading to explore my deepest, darkest fantasies. I'll be posting regularly, so check back often to learn more about me.

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